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Fri, Jul. 18th, 2008, 12:08 pm
Free Exclusive Erik Scott de Bie Web Content

Here, I've collected all things clickable, free, and fun that you can browse to in order to check out my writing, all of it completely free. I have several free short stories here, as well as some game design work I've done.

Check back every month or so--who knows when there will be new stuff? :)

(Did I mention this is all free?)

Sample Chapters and Companion Stories:

Here, you can download sample chapters (usually the prologue and/or chapter 1) of any of my three books.

Companion stories I wrote to go alongside my novels--as long as I'm able (i.e., as long as they keep taking them!) I will publish one of these for free with every novel I release. You can read them before, during, or after the novel in question, and you don't have to read the novel at all to enjoy any of these stories!

- Ghostwalker webstory: "Wayfarer"

- Ghostwalker sample chapter

- Depths of Madness webstory: "That Time of the Tenday"

- Depths of Madness sample chapter

- Downshadow webstory: "The Last Legend of Gedrin Shadowbane"

- Downshadow sample chapter

Character Writeups:

Below are a number of links to personal, non-canonical (with one exception!) character writeups of the characters from my books. Thanks to Tom Costa and Eytan Bernstein for collaborating with me on these!

Fox-at-Twilight on Wikipedia (check it out while it lasts!)

Fox-at-Twilight and other Trickster-touched creatures (ability scores, history, template--3.5 FR)

Gargan the Dispossessed, Tlork, and goliaths in the Realms (ability scores, history, region, spells, the works--3.5 FR)

Cythara and Yldar Nathalan (ability scores, history, alternate class features [swashbuckler and duskblade]--3.5 FR)

Davoren Hellsheart (ability scores, history--3.5 FR)

Arya Venkyr (no ability scores, but a lot of her history--3.5 FR)

Depths of Madness wallpaper (these are just snazzy)

Links to Dedicated Posts of Individual Books:

Got a question/review/feedback about one of my books to share? Click on the appropriate link and leave me a comment! I read all of them.

Walk with Ghosts (Ghostwalker)

Go Mad (Depths of Madness)

Watch the Shadows (Downshadow)