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Erik Scott de Bie
18 July

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(Updated March 20, 2008)


Erik Scott de Bie has long had a passion for writing that extends back as far as. . . . Hmm. This could get epic.

To make a long story short, Erik writes sword and sorcery, epic fantasy, and a touch of dark fantasy religiously. :)

When he's not busy writing, Erik enjoys reading, hiking, fencing, philosophy, sword collecting, tennis, and more writing. His mortal shell currently abides in Seattle with his lovely wife/fiance/sorceress/personal-angel Shelley, an indeterminate number of pets, and entirely too many books.

Email him! Address is: his name, that is, ERIKSCOTTDEBIE, then the little @ symbol, then YAHOO.COM

Also, check out his friends! There, you'll find Paul S. Kemp, Elaine Cunningham, George R.R. Martin, Steven Schend, Mike McArtor, Erik Mona, Bruce Cordell, Monte Cook, Jaleigh Johnson, James P. Davis, and many others!

Otherwise, enjoy the blog.

(Cackle cackle!)


(Erik makes no claim over his avatar / personal picture -- that is a bit taken from "Ghostwalker," by Raymond Swanland, the wonderful cover artist for his first novel. See links, above.)


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